There is something fortifying and liberating about the Alentejo landscape, with its never-ending space, its immense undulating plains, huge skies of the deepest blue, its infinite horizon… and the people, calm and unruffled folk, immensely proud of their homeland. The scenery flows smoothly from vineyard to wheat field, a deep green at the end of winter, the colour of straw at the end of spring and burned ochre during the searing summer months. The unmistakable shapes of cork-oaks and holm oaks line the horizon, symbols of a region covering one third of continental Portugal.

Monte da Capela is located in the municipality of Serpa, more precisely in Pias, a historical locality and long famous for the production of wines of recognized quality. The coat of arms of the parish of Pias contains two bunches of grapes that represent the activities related to wine production in the region. Pias is located on the left bank of the Guadiana River halfway between Serpa and Moura and 25km from the Alqueva Dam.



Serpa is a city inhabited since ancient times and received great Roman and Arab influences. It was conquered to the Moors in 1166, but only in 1295 was definitively conquered by King Dinis that had it surrounded by a set of walls. Due to its location near the border it was the scene of countless battles, having been destroyed several times.

Having many places worthy of a visit in the area of Serpa, we pinpoint some:
• MONUMENTS: Urban wall, Church of Santa Maria, Clock Tower, Church of São Salvador, Ficalho Palace, Monastery of S. Francisco, Aqueduct, Bridge over the Enxoé river, Church of Nossa Senhora da Saúde, Bell Tower of Pias;
• MUSEUMS: Clock Museum, Museum of Vila Nova de S. Bento, Municipal Museum of Archeology, Ethnographic Museum of Serpa, Museological and Ethnographic Space of Pias;
• NATURAL: Vale do Guadiana Nature Park, Malpique, Vila Nova de S. Bento.